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What could be better than hot, delicious, thin crust, straight-from-the-oven vegetarian, vegan and spelt pizza? How about pizza that's also filled with quality, fresh ingredients that make your taste buds happy, and help you feel great too!

A family dinner or a birthday party (and everything in between) why not allow us to supply your

pizza catering needs in London and Greater London. From simple ingredients allowing you to wow your guests to pizza making kits to get everyone involved. Wanna Pizza this? can offer you a great alternative to both take away and pre made oven food to get the "eat out in" experience. Your guests, kids and you will love our pizzas. It is literally a party in a kit.
We offer healthy food catering with healthy pizza and toppings. We have options of spelt pizza base and vegan ingredients for great vegan food delivery and
vegetarian cooking.

Family Dinners

Kids parties/Party bags

Adult dinner parties


Just for fun!

Why the Kits?